Keeping in touch with people in the Upper South Island

Next meeting: Rangiora, Friday 21 April

Theme: Separating the Signal from the noise

What are our most important opportunities and challenges right now in public infrastructure? What are our biggest successes? What are we not focussing on enough (now and future)? What are the main reasons why we do what we do?

  • When: Friday 21 April, 9:30am – 3.30pm

  • Where: Rangiora town hall followed by a visit to sites in Kaiapoi

  • Host: Waimakariri District Council

  • Cost: Free and includes lunch – thanks to Tonkin + Taylor!

  • Sponsor: Tonkin + Taylor

Open to everyone

Our branch meetings are open to everyone, and we encourage IPWEA NZ members to bring colleagues along.

Branch area

The Upper South Island Branch is the area covered by the Canterbury Regional Council, West Coast Regional Council, Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council and Marlborough District Council, but excluding the area covered by the Waitaki District Council. Click to see a map.

Branch Chairperson: James Thorne


Branch meetings are like free mini-conferences
for people in Asset Management

Branch news

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Ideas and suggestions?

If there is a topic you’d like to hear more on or to present on, please contact the branch Chair with your ideas.

Why attend?

The benefits of staying connected with other professionals who are active in our industry are huge. Our busy workloads can sometimes leave us feeling isolated. Branch meetings are a great way to connect, be inspired, discuss difficulties and learn solutions – for free! They are designed to expose us to new ideas, reinforce a sense of community in public works, and re-energise us for the task ahead!

Emerging IPWEA – we strongly encourage you to extend this learning opportunity to your younger team members.

Together we can build the next generation of public works professionals.

Free mini-conference

These meetings are a free mini-conference! 

Share this learning opportunity with younger team members, and let’s build the next generation of public works professionals.  

Bring them along to meet new contacts and network, learn from expert speakers, and present at future sessions. 

Previous branch meeting presentations

This year

None yet

Last year

2 July 2021

Friday 16th April 2021

  • Teresa Wooding – Water Reform Canterbury
  • Richard McMillan – Water – Taumata Arowai
  • Grant Holland – Transport AM in the desert – world bank project in Saudi Arabia
  • Brett King – Health & Safety and the Why